The Crypt of the Damned (Sc. 4) — Attempt 2

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2 min readFeb 3, 2018


OR: Hookgunning Your Way to Success

Things didn’t go well for us on our last attempt at the Crypt of the Damned. We burned through cards too fast. We took too much damage. We didn’t finish off enemies. It was a mess.

This time, everything was different.

Flow: “Who’s a good Mystic Ally? You are! You are!”

Instead of going for flashy attacks, I had GREM immediately hookgun the archer into the nearby trap. Dead. Alana took her turn to buff and put out her Mystic Ally to draw fire. The Elite went down fast — but that quarrelsome generic skeleton stuck around just like last time. Thankfully, the Mystic Ally finally put him down for good.

Flow: “I summon the Warrior Spirit of the Burning Mountan…! (It’s like a volcano but a mountain)”

We potshotted the first cultist through the door, pushed the bandit archers back (by getting too close for their liking!), and drew down the second cultist. This lined them up for Flow to…


…cause some havoc.

Meanwhile, GREM (proximity) mined the Earth Demon.

A race between the minion and the earth demon to see who will explode first…

Flow and GREM hit the final room hard. Clustering the enemies together just in place for a…

GREM: “Mr. Cultist. Please. Scooch. A little more over. I need you all in this shot.”


So many coins. So little time before the scenario ends.

And with that, the crypt was silent once again.

It seemed like we had succeeded. It seemed like we had won. Certainly — we had won according to the rules.

But GREM knew that he had failed.

Failed in his oath to the Blood God once again!

GREM: “Curse you, still living body of mine!”

The campaign suggested that we head to another crypt. So we did. Apparently we’re just warrior-gravediggers for hire these days.



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