The Plane of Elemental Power (Sc. 10)

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3 min readFeb 5, 2018


OR: Too Many Flying Creatures with High Armor

So we were mucking around in some crypts and came across a portal.

Of course, we jump through it! Who wouldn’t?

Flame Demons: “Help! Help! We’re on fire!”

Flow and GREM ended up in a plane of elemental power full of spiky looking demons. OK, NBD. Lots of traps here, GREM can just hookgun them into… Wait! Half of them fly! And flying creatures don’t trigger traps… Uh oh.

Somebody went a little crazy with the 3's

GREM was largely ineffective in this scenario. He poisoned here and there with Toxic Bolt. Bought the group some time with stun shots. But largely it fell on Flow and some good card draws to break those high armors.

Then, as usual, Flow hustled on down the long corridor (Ride the Wind) leaving poor, stubby-legged GREM to huff along behind her. I’m going to have to add more 4 Move cards to his deck…

GREM: “huff puff… what did I miss?”

In the large main room, we found yet more demons. “Flow the Flower Necromancer” dropped a few minions to distract and continued to unload. They were half-dead by the time GREM got there! On these shorter scenarios, it’s easier for her to just blast through her high powered Spellweaver cards.

For his part, GREM did get off a good shot with his new CRANK BOW card!

Six damage attack, ka-pow!

Flow rode the wind again (that card is way too useful) to snag the treasure chest in the far corner. GREM, sensing that the end of the scenario was already near (!) and mindful of his failure to die in previous scenarios, faced off one on one against an angry Sun Demon.

GREM: “Hit me with your best shot!”

Flow snuck up behind and finished off the sun demon. GREM then proceeded to move into the 4 damage trap and the 2 damage hot coals, dying and continuing to fulfill his oath to the Blood God! Halfway there! (Zealot of the Blood God)

All in all, it was nice to not be fighting corpses anymore, but the scenario ran a little vanilla considering that there were no real tricks to it other than the low damage (2) hot coals that we just scooted over.

Then the plot thickened like cornstarch in hellishly hot broth…

An infernal voice showed up. It has a quest for us ! (We like quests, right?) Or we can fight this boss devil right then and there.

“What’s the quest?”, we asked.

“Raiding a temple for an incredibly powerful artifact.”

“We’ll be right back…”

Flow and GREM smiled. Sucker. Off to the Temple of the Elements!



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