Disclaimer: I know almost nothing about Warhammer 40k other than what I have seen at cons and peeking in the windows of Games Workshop stores. Here’s me learning.

Heading into Book 2 of the Horus Heresy series. Book 1 (my review here) had Horus Rising. This one promised more “grim darkness” from the Warhammer 40k universe (technically: 30k universe for these prologue books). Amazon reviews promised… a worse read than book 1?

Spoilers to follow.

What I Expected:

The first book let me down a bit. It had all these crazed space marines on the front and then spent most of its pages…

Disclaimer: I know almost nothing about Warhammer 40k other than what I have seen at cons and peeking in the windows of Games Workshop stores. Here’s me learning.

I’ve been told (by Amazon and by humans) that you should start with the Horus Heresy if you are coming to WH40k lore for the first time. So here I am. Take it away. Book 1 of … 58? Did I read that right, Wikipedia??

Minor spoilers to follow.

What I Expected:

Let’s be honest. This is a silly cover. It looks like Ozzy Osborne meeting up for a LARP. But I think I get…

True story: I fell behind in blogging and put off catching up. I still have photos and notes from all of our Gloomhaven play sessions though. We beat the main quest without too much trouble. Those posts may show up here in the near future.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll indulge us posting some of our playthrough of Pandemic Legacy, Season 2.

Thanks, y’all!

*** Marko & Alana

OR: Too Many Flying Creatures with High Armor

So we were mucking around in some crypts and came across a portal.

Of course, we jump through it! Who wouldn’t?

Flame Demons: “Help! Help! We’re on fire!”

Flow and GREM ended up in a plane of elemental power full of spiky looking demons. OK, NBD. Lots of traps here, GREM can just hookgun them into… Wait! Half of them fly! And flying creatures don’t trigger traps… Uh oh.

OR: GREM Runs Out of Time

Apparently crypts lead to more crypts. After clearing out the CRYPT OF THE DAMNED (imagine that in a spooky voice, please), it was suggested that Flow and GREM could either become buddies with the crazy cultists or foil their evil plans.

With a heavy sigh and maybe an eye roll, we decided to foil evil plans. (Always with the foiling!)

We popped into the RUINOUS crypt (less damned, but maybe more untidy?) and found cultists doing cultist-y things — do these people even have day jobs?

Cultist: “After we complete this ancient rite, I really need to get this robe hemmed.”

Flow had a bit of a surprise for them though. In addition to her…

OR: Hookgunning Your Way to Success

Things didn’t go well for us on our last attempt at the Crypt of the Damned. We burned through cards too fast. We took too much damage. We didn’t finish off enemies. It was a mess.

This time, everything was different.

Flow: “Who’s a good Mystic Ally? You are! You are!”

Instead of going for flashy attacks, I had GREM immediately hookgun the archer into the nearby trap. Dead. Alana took her turn to buff and put out her Mystic Ally to draw fire. The Elite went down fast — but that quarrelsome generic skeleton stuck around just like last time. …

OR: Skeletons Suck

I’m not going to lie. We were feeling pretty hot after one-shotting the Burning Mountain. We were playing on Hard difficulty now and still cracking demon skulls. How hard could clearing a crypt be?

GREM: “Two skeles and a bandit archer? You kidding me?”

You remember these guys? This is the first room of Crypt of the Damned, and I didn’t take my own advice. Instead of hookgunning one of them into the trap, GREM used Net Shooter to freeze them in place and do 3 damage. …

OR: Alana Gets Bored in a Volcano

We had just finished leveling up in town. GREM purchased a new bow that lets him ignore armor on one attack. Alana had Flow make a donation to the Sanctuary of the Great Oak (add two Blessings to your deck for the next dungeon). We then hit the road heading to the Burning Mountain and pulled an annoying road card that gave us each a Curse for NOT killing a harmless, smelly old man.

The Burning Mountain was… different.

Flow: “Should we go back?” GREM: “No. I can die good here.”

This was the largest map that we had explored yet. (The target treasure chest was 15 hexes away from our starting…

Instead of a scenario playthrough, I’m posting some early thoughts on the Tinkerer class now that GREM has hit level 2.

The universal symbol for “small, gremlin-like creature”

The Tinkerer, as a class, is hard to disentangle from the Quatryl image that represents it. Ostensibly, Tinkerers could come in any form. They’re simply a type of character that enjoys traps, automatons, and Steampunk conventions. But The Tinkerer on the field is distinctly set apart from others due to its small stature and unusually shaped potato head.

By Level 2, most of the Tinkerer’s cards fall into a few categories: AOE (Area of Effect) attacks focused on damage…

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